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Dr. Jay Maharjan, Founder

Ron Cohen

Michael Colon

Board of Advisers

Alvin Trivelpiece

Executive Director, Oakridge National Lab (retired),

President, Lockheed Martin Energy Corporation (retired)

Ron Cohen

Investor, Senior Director, NantWorks, NASA/JPL (retired)

Gunnar K. Nilsen

Investor, Board Member, The Kavli Foundation

Frank Gruber

Investor, CEO & Executive Director,

Investment Compliance Adviser

Michael Colón

Former Vice President, Issuer Direct Corporation

Partnership Adviser

John Laub

Founder, Nevada Biotech and Bio science Consortium

Tom Malcolm, lighter capital

Research Advisers

Steven Africk, PhD, MIT (Real-time nano-particle characterization in drug delivery)

Eon Soo Lee, PhD, Stanford (Advanced Energy Systems and Micro devices, nano channel fabrication, flow characterization, nano material implementation)

Iwona Jasiuk, PhD, University of Illinois (Computation and Advanced Math, Health and Bio)

Federico Gonzalez-Fernandez, MD, PhD, University of Virginia (Histopathology)

Official Partner

Nanotech 2016

Nanotech 2017



Please contact us for more information:

c/o Dr. Jay Maharjan

1802 Vernon St NW #1148

Washington, DC 20009

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