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Dr. Jay Maharjan holds a bachelor's degree in Plastics engineering from Pittsburg State University, a master's degree in leadership, with emphasis in public policy analysis and a doctorate degree in education, with emphasis on organizational change from the University of Southern California. Dr. Maharjan received the Outstanding Alumnus Award from Pittsburg State University in 2017.


Maharjan founded Explore Nano - to understand, educate and expedite commercialization of nanotechnology in cancer and advanced stage diabetes. Recently, Maharjan concluded research under the guidance of USC Sol Price School of Public Policy to understand the National Cancer Institute’s strategy for nanotechnology alliance.   

Prior to founding Explore Nano, Maharjan served as the Nevada state-wide leader and a regional champion for the White House initiative Startup America Partnership under President Obama. Its objective was to mobilize a billion dollars in private sector resources to help create and foster as many as 100,000 startup companies across the United States. 


Later, Maharjan also served as the ambassador for UP Global, the State Department-partnered non-profit initiative to foster entrepreneurship in more than 110 countries.  Maharjan is the author of the award-winning book "Winning Lessons for Entrepreneurs in the Conceptual Economy." 

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