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Nanotechnology will transform the world in a similar manner that semi-conductor and personal computing revolution did in the later part of the twentieth century. It is not a matter of “if”, but “when”. Nanotechnology is the understanding and control of matter at miniscule dimensions. Within the scope of Nano-science, for an instance, involves imaging, measuring, modeling and manipulating matter. At this scale, nanoparticles enjoy unusual physical, chemical and biological properties, from the properties of bulk materials (with similar composition). There will be endless possibilities, in the areas of nano-medicine.

Even though the technology holds enormous potential, the path to getting there demands circumspect leadership approach, as to understand if we are taking all the right steps to create the adequate inter-disciplinary foundation that we need to at the Public, private and the academic environments. 

In 2015, We launched this exploratory purposeful initiative Explore Nano - to help with offering resources and education on this promising new technology. Explore Nano formed official partnership with World Innovation Expo, Nanotech based out of Washington. This leading nanotechnology event is backed by over 24 Federal agencies (including Department of Energy, Department of Defense, Department of Energy, National Institutes of Health, Department of the Air Force), and many leading corporations (Boeing, Baxter, Corning, Shell).


We have also initiated exploratory discussions with leading research universities. I look forward to sharing updates. Stay tuned.


Jay Maharjan

June 16, 2017




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